The Pierce PTO uses Membership Toolkit to manage its contact list, send out the Bridge newsletter and other communications, and to give you access to the Pierce Family Directory.


*You must activate your account to stay connected with the PTO and access the directory!


Click on LOGIN on the navigation menu and follow the prompts to set up your Membership Toolkit account!


Already have a Membership Toolkit Account but need to update your information? Follow these directions:

- Find "Login" on the navigation bar to log into Membership Toolkit.
- Once you are logged in, on the menu bar click  "My Account" (DO NOT select drop-down "Update My Account")
Click on "Step 1: Family Information." You should see parent information. 
- Click "Next Step." You should now see "Step 2 - Student Information"
- On this page, under each child, you should see a drop down menu called "Homeroom Teacher." Select the homeroom teacher associated with each child
- Click "Save" and you should be all set!





1) After activating your account, did you try to access the Directory and get this message: “I’m sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found”?


- At the beginning of the school year, access to the directory might not be granted until mid to late September because during this time the PTO is updating its database. Thank you for your patience. If you urgently need access to the directory, please email pierce.pto@gmail.com.


- If you are activating your account in the middle of the school year, It may take up to 5 days for the PTO to approve your account and give you access to the directory. This is done so that the directory is secure and accessible only by families of current Pierce students. Please try to access the directory again over the next few days. If, after 5 days, you still do not have access, email pierce.pto@gmail.com to address the matter.


2) The directory will show you only current Pierce families who have both ACTIVATED their Membership Toolkit account AND given permission to be visible in the directory. If you are looking for someone and cannot find them, most likely they have not fulfilled both of these criteria. If you, personally, have done both of these things and still do not see yourself in the directory, please email pierce.pto@gmail.com to address the matter. 


Having trouble activating your Membership Toolkit account? Email us at pierce.pto@gmail.com.


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The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Pierce School is made up of parents/guardians and teachers. Its mission is to enhance the school experience for students, educators, and families by 1) promoting connections between home and school and 2) funding, supporting, and hosting school and community activities. 


This mission is accomplished through the volunteerism and support of parents, families, and school staff as well as fundraising. 


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Link to Pierce School Web Site: https://www.brookline.k12.ma.us/pierce

Link to Public Schools of Brookline Web Site: https://www.brookline.k12.ma.us/