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Grants, Scholarships, Subsidies, Teacher Stipends, and Funding


What We Do


The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Pierce School is made up of parents/guardians and teachers. Our mission is to enhance the school experience for students, educators, and families by 1) promoting connections between home and school 2) funding, supporting, and hosting school and community activities. 


This mission is accomplished through the volunteerism and support of parents, families, and school staff as well as fundraising. 


Coming Soon: About The Bridge, fundraising, grants, teacher stipends, special events, community life...


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Who We Are


All Pierce parents/guardians and teachers are members of the PTO! Our organization runs on the dedication of members who wish to volunteer. Below is a list of our 2022-23 parent leaders and executive board.


Note: where it says TBD, that means a volunteer is yet to be determined. If you or someone you know would be a good fit for that role, please let us know!


To send a general communication to the PTO, please email pierce.pto@gmail.com.




     Co-chair: Kara Lewandowski, pierce.pto@gmail.com

     Co-chair: Jen Katz, pierce.pto@gmail.com

     Secretary: Ashley Vincent

     Treasurer: Salina Wall, --




     Editor, The Bridge: Ashley Vincent, piercebridge@gmail.com

     Web Site Administrator: Will Vincent

     Membership Toolkit Directory: Tim Rowell, Will Vincent




     Room Parent Coordinator: Michele Smith

          2022-23 Room Parents: Click here 

     Welcome Coordinator: TBD

     Japanese Community Liaison - Rie Kawabori

     Other Community Liaisons - coming soon! If you know of a Pierce community that would benefit from

     having a PTO liaison, please let us know




     Staff/Teacher Appreciation: TBD

     PierceWear: Jen Katz, Alison Neal, --



     Arts Council Coordinator: Robin Hennessy

     Pierce School Musical: Phil Schroeder



     Annual Appeal: Jeanna Kinnebrew

     Special Projects: TBD





- These are events run by the PTO; this is not a complete list of all Pierce activities. Please check the school calendar/communications for additional events/activities run by the school administration/faculty.

- Events in which a coordinator is yet to be determined (TBD) are subject to cancellation if no volunteer coordinator is identified.


List of coordinators for each event

     PTO Community Connections (monthly): PTO

     Kindergarten Picnic (September): Jacqueline Chezar

      “Welcome New Families to Pierce” Social (September): PTO

     Pierce FunRun (October): TBD

     Paint Night/School Tours: (October): PTO

     Movie Night (December): TBD

     Pierce School Musical (several shows Fall/Winter/Spring): Phil Schroeder

     Skate Night (January): TBD

     Book Fair (date TBD): Priya Budde

     Read-a-thon (February-April): TBD

     Movie Night (March): TBD

     Multicultural Festival (May): TBD

     Spring Celebration (May): TBD

     Pierce Picnic (June): PTO


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Connect/Get Involved


* Click here (linking coming soon) to sign up to receive the PTO Newsletter, The Bridge.


* Stay connected with your classroom (K-5) or grade level (6-8) - make sure you are receiving communications from your room parent! Click here (link coming soon) to find your room parent.


* Would you like to become more involved with the PTO? Is there a role or event that interests you? Or are you uncertain how to get involved and would like to talk to someone about the possibilities?


Please look at the section above to get an idea of what other PTO volunteers do. You can also check on this link about volunteering (link coming soon!) And, you can email us, pierce.pto@gmail.com, and we will be happy to have a conversation with you. In your message, tell us the grade(s) of your kid(s) and about your interests.


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 We will link to PTO meeting notes in this section


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(coming soon)


This section will have answers to questions that come up frequently.


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Grants, Scholarships, Subsidies, Teacher Stipends, and Funding

(coming soon)

This section will have information about what the PTO funds and process for allocating such funds.


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